Animations Gallery 1/5

This gallery holds 59 animations on 5 pages. This is page 1 displaying 12 videos.
Chaoscope animations done with Ani4Chaoscope by Axone Man. Apophysis animations done with Render Flam3 by Exper. Apophysis 3D renders done with my own Render 3D Anim script.
Video formats used: mpeg2 or DivX.

Breath In, Breath Out

Daisy Tubes

Shiver & Shake

Apo Julian Dizzy

Apo Swirly Dirly

Apo 3D Majestic Dance

Apo 3D Criss Cross

Apo 3D The Tower

Apo 3D Gnarly Dudes

Apo 3D Swamp

Apo 3D Rotational Drop

Apo 3D Universe Flame