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Apophysis 2.09 beta released

September 11th, 2009 No comments

Yesterday a new beta version of Apohysis has been released. [Sourceforge link]

  • The first change you will notice is that the flame list in the main window has turned to thumbnail images instead of being a plain flamename list. You can toggle this view with two new buttons on top of this window.
  • Not used variations in the Editor window are grayed out, not used variables for these are not displayed.
  • Favourite variations have been added to the list and are colored in green.
  • The ‘symmetry’ parameter has been renamed to ‘color speed’.
  • A check has been added for unrecognized variation/variable values.

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Apophysis 2.08beta released

August 7th, 2008 No comments

A new beta version of Apophysis has been released today. You may get it from Sourceforge.

New is a Xaos function in the Transform Editor, which handles the modification of single Transform Weights against other transforms. In the colors tab of the same window we find another new feature: Transform Visibility. This one may prevent points to be plotted in this or all other transforms, means that if you check the solo box, all other transforms will have the invisible box checked. On the other hand you can hide plots from single transforms without changing their attraction/gravity to other transforms. Seems to open a whole new universe of possibilities. ;) Note that these two features are not handled by flam3-render (latest release: flam3-

There is also a new native variation, known from the 3D hack by Zueuk, called pre_blur.

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KPT Materializer and Apophysis

August 7th, 2008 No comments


For this tutorial we need some software, I used ‘Apophysis’ and ‘Paint Shop Pro’ version 8, but any later version of this program or any graphics program capable of using Photoshop plugins will work too. We also need ‘Kai’s Power Tools’ 5 or the ‘Corel KPT Collection’, especially a filter called ‘KPT Materializer’.

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Apophysis: Parameters to html

August 2nd, 2008 No comments

During all these years using Apophysis, I wrote of course some scripts, not so much for creating new fantastic flames, but mainly utility scripts which I never published. Now seems to be the moment to do so. ;)

So the first one I would like to present is a script to generate HTML files showing all the flames parameters and optionally even a thumbnail and the gradient. It works on the whole flameset, so better run it on a saved file, not on random generated sets. It creates a folder named ‘HTML’ in your Apophysis directory and a subfolder named after the fileset. All you have to do after running the script is to open the generated html file in your browser. Get the version for normal Apophysis or for the 3D-hack and save it in your Apophysis Scripts folder.

More to come soon.

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Installing Apophysis

July 31st, 2008 No comments

Apophysis is an Open Source fractal flames generator with incredibly powerful options and switches. I am using it since 2004 and have had tremendous times of joy playing around, twisting and optimizing parameter sets.

Many people raised the question how to install Apophysis correctly. This request is due to the fact that there are different versions and most new users just know the latest beta versions from Sourceforge. But, these are only executables and miss the accompanying files. They are in fact only update files for the main program.

So we have to follow some steps in successfully working with this program.

First download the original installation file from the official Apophysis site. Run this program and install it in a new directory (e.g.: C:\tools\Apophysis\) . Then go to Sourceforge and download a newer version to the same directory. Keep this file as a shortcut on your desktop.

Are we done now? Not really, we may want to install an external renderer. To do so, go to and download it. Unzip this keeping the directory structure in your Apophysis folder. Now when you start Apophysis, you have to tell it where flam3 is located. So open menu >Options, >Options, >Path, set the Export Renderer to the location of your flam3-render.exe.

Now we are done. Good luck to everyone.

Additional Note: some useful links for Apophysis users:

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